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Each entrepreneur or startup needs to address the attention on different questions at different times. So our service lacks of rigid frames in defining what exactly is the service context, duration, intensity. We are as flexible as the situation expects us to be. 


Outstanding of that process are Pitch upgrade service and 10x Growth Advisory & Strategy package.

Great pitch closes deals like charm. But investors don’t speak the same language with startuppers and vice versa. Positioning myself between – I could help you. Let’s find out if I can make you better!

As a paid consultant, mentor and coach I have participated in different roles. I am:

  • helping to build growth, acquiring, loyalty, restructure, exit, got-to-market strategies, 
  • helping with fundraising strategies, planning, execution,
  • assessing business ideas whether there is anything to build on or left to save,
  • assessing what business one could build around the product or service idea,
  • helping to overcome business challenges brought by third parties,
  • improving businesses to grow 10-100x,
  • consulting, mentoring and coaching for accelerators, incubators, venture builders, VCs,
  • assembling dedicated team of marketers, sales, business development, venture builders to work across EU, UK, South-America, US,
  • executing myself or with help of my partners.

Choice is what differs you from employees

As someone smart once said – when you look at the path ahead, it seems unrealistic, it’s like climbing vertically uphill and it is impossible. Afterwords looking back at your journey, it all seems row of logical decisons without challenges and failures, kind of smooth and only you know how hard it was in real-life. 

Now, going through that harsh path of yours on your own is a choice. Asking for someones help is a choice. Either way you are going to pay for it. Either way I am going to respect you for that. Either way I am here offering my help as I have done/learned my mistakes already.

Looking back at my own journey, I have to admit, I did much better when I had a mentor or coach at my side with whom we talked through choices that I made. I cannot say I agreed with them always, yet it made me clear what was my choice to make. I rather wouldn’t go there to calculate how much it cost me, to not take opportunities or when I delayed with my decisions too long.

How do I operate

  • I am frank, I am after equity if possible – it is important to keep up my motivation to share my network with you. What matters is the conceptual agreement, you have my skin in the game, I take full responsibility. We share the pain, we share the gain.
  • We all gotta stay alive and pay our running costs until commission is too little. Generic approach is to put as little burden on company as possible. Yet to start out swiftly, some little amount has to be agreed on, to keep systems alive and executing people motivated.
  • Getting commission for getting stuff done is rewarding. This has to exceed running costs as fast as possible. Sales is the fuel that grows the business with the right type money – your money, not like loans against equity or high % from investors. 
  • Short term hourly paid consulting jobs, mentoring, coaching, assessing, strategy building for non-established startups, entrepreneurs, startups, projects, accelerators, incubators, venture builders, VCs. 

I am not familiar with all businesses in the World, and I don’t have to. I’ve experienced that what worked in one industry may as well work in another. I gave a lot free consultation sessions untill I was not sure if this consulting, coaching, mentoring job fits me, but it does and I’ve managed to make sense and help 99% of my clients. The rest 1% I’ve given suggestion to sell the business if possible (and I saw he did). Combining my 20+ years business owner’s experience, learnings, failures, it may give us faster results for cheaper cost.

My value proposition is – my network, better decisions and improvements that save you time/money.

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