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Every entrepreneur and startup encounters unique challenges at different stages, and our services reflect this by eschewing rigid frames in defining context, duration, and intensity. We adapt to the situation’s demands, ensuring flexibility tailored to your needs.

A compelling pitch is a deal-closer, yet bridging the communication gap between investors and startups is often challenging. Positioned as a intermediary, I offer to enhance your pitch and explore the potential for improvement.

In my capacity as a paid business advisor, mentor, and coach, I play diverse roles, including:

  • Assisting in the development of growth, acquisition, loyalty, restructuring, exit, and go-to-market strategies.
  • Providing guidance on fundraising strategies, planning, and execution.
  • Evaluating business ideas to determine viability or suggest salvage options.
  • Exploring the potential for building a business around a product or service idea.
  • Overcoming challenges posed by external entities.
  • Facilitating businesses to achieve 10-100x growth.
  • Offering consulting, mentoring, and coaching services for accelerators, incubators, venture builders, and VCs.
  • Assembling dedicated teams in marketing, sales, business development, and venture building to operate across the EU, UK, South America, and the US.
  • Executing initiatives either independently or in collaboration with trusted partners.

Choice is what differs you

As a wise individual once remarked, envisioning the path forward can appear insurmountable—akin to scaling a steep, vertical incline that seems impossible. Yet, upon reflecting on your journey, the challenges and failures blur into a sequence of logical decisions, creating the illusion of a smooth trajectory. Only you truly grasp the real-life difficulties encountered.

Embarking on this arduous journey alone is a choice, as is seeking assistance. In either case, you bear a cost, and I respect your decision. I extend my offer of help, having navigated my own mistakes and learned from them.

Reflecting on my personal journey, I acknowledge the substantial benefits gained when guided by a mentor or coach. While I didn’t always agree with their advice, the dialogue clarified the choices I needed to make. I refrain from calculating the cost of missed opportunities or delayed decisions—a reminder of the value in seeking guidance.

How do I operate

  • I’m straightforward—I’m seeking equity, a vital motivator as I share my extensive network with you. The conceptual agreement is key, reflecting my commitment with skin in the game and full responsibility. We share both the pain and the gain.

  • To alleviate the initial burden on the company, a modest upfront amount is essential for system maintenance and to keep the team motivated. Commission for results becomes the rewarding catalyst, surpassing running costs swiftly. This strategy ensures sustainable growth with your funds, avoiding high percentages from investors or loans against equity.

  • My services encompass hourly business advisory, mentoring, coaching, and strategy-building for startups, entrepreneurs, projects, venture builders, and VCs. While not versed in every industry, I’ve discovered success patterns transferable across sectors. After offering numerous free sessions, I’ve found my fit in business advisory, coaching, and mentoring, achieving positive outcomes for 99% of my clients. Leveraging over two decades of business ownership experience, I aim for faster, cost-effective results.

    My value proposition is simple: I bring my network, better decisions, and improvements that save you time and money.

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