Supervisory as the service is designed for entrepreneurs with too vivid imagination and ability to get fascinated of too many things at the time which result is poor performance on current business that allows all that good to happen in entrepreneur’s life.

1. Monitoring

It is usually a monthly recurring work with entrepreneur or CEO/COO to ensure he/she reaches his/her targets in minimun available time. The service keeps monitoring KPI’s what we agree on at the beginning of the process. KPI’s are to be developed based on the nature of startup/business and goals set. If there are not enough detailed goals then these are to be developed first. Goals have to be realistic in given timeframe. If measures how to reach goals are not yet available then we need to address these matters first. The result should be reports and graphs that client builds himself to stay on track. The track is defined and updated according to any changes in context.

2. Focusing

What does it mean having a supervisor on-boarded to the startup/business? It means more time and focus on things that matter in order to develop the company, people, service or product.

  • Someone is looking wider picture while board members can focus on details and processes and helps them back onto track if needed.
  • Someone has time and interests to make business development via his network to generate greater value knowing that board makes sure they deliver.
  • Active board members cab be busy with processes and details to provide maximum outcome while their interests are covered and focus re-appointed if needed.

3. Supervising

Having a “Boss” to turn to if you have an unexpected outcome or new challenge or even monthly report to present, keeps you as an entrepreneur or CEO much more focused and motivated to do the great job. 

  • It’s natural for some to want the feeling of someone breathing at their necks. 
  • For some it is more the valuable opportunity and time to have motivated team-memeber on-boarded who does not interfier in business, but has his own skin in the play and therefore looks after business’ best interests.
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