I am Mikk, Your
Startup Flight Instructor

Growth & exit strategy, coaching, mentoring, consulting for startups and entrepreneurs.

Founder's coaching, mentoring, consulting.
Defining - what, why, how, where, whom.
Designing a business to fund and exit from.
Building a supportive culture & creating time.
Challenging to aim for 10-100x more €£$!
Positioning and improving pitches.
Developing strategies.

I could have my skin in your play.

I contribute with what I've learned, through success and pain. Challenge me with your case to keep up my motivation working with you.

1-st meeting is for free to sense if our interests match!


Don't fuss over nothing,
choose your direction today, not tomorrow!

WHY should YOU agree with lesser?

Doing business in current way because you could retire in 83 years? Really?
Long working days are enjoyable because socal life and free eco-friendly vegetarian meals cover it all?
People playing golf and travelling do something differently, and you cannot afford it?
Employees and partners can take over your business anytime & the risk is OK because...?
Growth goal is 5% annually if at all - and you say it's OK considering...
Too busy or too much time at work? Lack of motivation, discipline, knowledge?

I’ve been in most of these situations myself hitting my head to concrete wall. Until, one day I decoded it. Therefore I am your certified Challenging Executive Business Coach.
I’m to make a difference and help you out from mediocrity and to discover your full potential. Remember – it all starts from asking yourself at first – why you waste your time!

Find out if I can help you
with my experiences and network.

Here is - WHY you need me. OR keep on fussing around!


I was a single founder in numerous cases, not that I wanted it, but majority of people prefer to take orders instead of giving them. So I kind of had to. So yes, they are afraid of responsibility. You need to figure out all the answers even if you don’t have a faintest clue why, what, to whom, when, how.
One day I was asked – “how come I know what to do next”? Say what…? That question shocked me deeply. Finding your inner deeper calling doesn’t happen overnight. But it’s also quite expected. As we keep on evolving all the time, you have to re-invent yourself and your startup or product or service time-after-time. All these answers are inside us, sometimes we just can’t find these without someone pointing at a questions we don’t want to ask from ourselves.
More advice I give, more I understand how little we knew when we started our businesses and what risks we took and created for clients and for ourselves. And no, it’s not insurance I am referring to. These pointless risks could have been be avoided.
I don’t stand for “fake it til you make it” in business. Understand, make it happen, then present with pride and glory! Empty promises are not my thing.


Some say, being an entrepreneur means – something is wrong with us. Why would any of us want to get a speeding ticket on a roller-coaster? But have they tried this? The thrill that goes through your veins when you finally closed that big account? Or when you were up all night trying to fix your fuck-up? Once we were figuring out why better hardware causes problems with software that used to work and consists of 3-rd party unsupported code + teaching your sick with flu girl-client to copy-paste Linux commands via Skype and solve application, drivers, OS issues blindly emulating same commands thousands miles away without direct internet connection and proper mouse and keyboard? Guess what we felt when I almost fell into sleep and my over-tired young genius developer, who’s salary I had to raise every month, solved the case and save our necks at 4 o’clock in the morning? Don’t ask how many times I was ready to give up. But my team-mate didn’t. Now, how you feel about these clients willing to work with you again, because you delivered and communicated? Are you yourself better as a client? In what way? It’s in lots of cases just ethics, respect, persistence, ability to learn and implement fast, being humble and to take responsibility for your actions.

What say those who got my help

About Mikk

  • Started 20+ businesses 
  • Done 4 exits
  • First successful exit in 5 years
  • Ousted from 2 startups
  • In Saas business 1998-2019
  • Made hundreds of millions to my clients over the years
  • Delivered 1000+ projects
  • Digitized 500+ companies
  • Hosted own conferences 9 years
  • On stage since 1990
  • Marketing since 1992
  • Sales since 1994
  • Mentoring since 2008
  • Certified coaching since 2020
  • Beated big Swedish bank
  • Lost to the liar executive judge
  • Studied informatics, business administration BA and marketing MA
  • Fan of smart systems, psychology, grand setups, master-plans
  • My free time attention goes to cars, mountains, snow, friends
  • Outspoken and paranoid optimist, pragmatic, don’t tolerate fakes
  • Frank, might feel harsh, yet out there to get you better in no-time
  • I take responsibility what I say, make jokes, speak no BS
  • I’ve co-built a CRM system logics in 2004 nobody has beaten till today
  • I’ve led software dev company 20y without writing a line a code myself
  • I’ve saved over 5.2 million hours of wasted time for my clients
  • I’ve generated 10 million € of EBITDA in one 30 minute consultation
  • I’ve & am mentoring under several Enterprise Estonia projects
  • I’ve & am mentoring, coaching, consulting startups in various BAN programs
  • My territory is online, but I live in Tallinn, Athens, Helsinki timezone

If you think maybe you might benefit of my help – give it a try & book my time and let’s find out immediately – we both don’t have time for BS!


I'm about to improve existing and building new, designing processes, marketing, sales, delivery, bullet-proofing.
Not sure I am the right
match for you?

Get to my blog posts to convince yourself.

How you get me on-board:
You have to feel it - so you pay cash.
I want to take it seriously - so I get equity.

Challenging Executive
Business Coaching

for founders & entrepreneurs
165/h 2-4x meetings monthly
  • Are we a match?
  • Defining challenges
  • Finding potential
  • Positioning, ICP, Persona
  • Developing strategies
  • Activities & Financials
  • Paid per meeting
get up 2 fly

Investor Pitch Update
to get you funded faster

and save time on stuff you gotta fix yourself
150/h 4+/- hours + 3% of funds raised
  • Initial evaluation & feedback
  • Defining the pitch goal
  • The closing strategy
  • The best structure
  • The right ask
  • The best presenting
  • paid in cash &or shares

10x Growth
Advisory & Strategy pack

to get out of your rat-wheel and start flying higher
5% of generated growth
  • Defining growth challenges
  • Scaleup strategies and methods
  • Clarity in goals & activities
  • Financials supporting business
  • Culture that makes the impact
  • Non-executive board member
  • monthly payments, cash &or shares
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