I am Mikk, Your
Startup Flight Instructor

Navigating the intricate landscape of startups and entrepreneurship requires more than just knowledge; it demands strategic guidance, growth insights, and a solid exit strategy. I specialize in providing expert advisory, coaching, and mentoring to startups and entrepreneurs seeking clarity and success in their ventures.

Strategic management advisory From ICP to execution plans, I guide startups in strategic management—cultivating clarity in business models, design, and essential elements like culture, vision, and financials.

Achieve exponential growth in revenue and time efficiency. I specialize in refining value propositions, marketing, lead generation, sales, and funding.

Let's secure initial funding before diving into business intricacies.

Challenge Me
I excel at solving puzzles. Whether you're uncertain, seeking advice, or facing challenges, I'm here to complement your journey.

Brutal Honesty, Uncomfortable Growth
Expect honesty and directness. I address pain-points swiftly, aiming to make a significant impact within two hours.

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Who's my ICP & not

I specialize in catering to a diverse Ideal Client Profile, inclusive of both single founders and those with extensive business experience. My collaborative efforts extend across ventures spanning the spectrum from the pre-MVP stage to SMEs. I am dedicated to guiding these entities through the intricacies of the pre-revenue phase, culminating in achieving an annual revenue of up to €5M.
For the past two decades, I’ve immersed myself in the realm of B2B SaaS. Beyond this domain, I’ve successfully crafted 500x growth strategies for diverse sectors.

In acknowledging time as an invaluable asset, it is imperative to underscore that, despite my ability to cover my costs, complimentary services are not within the purview. Financial considerations are regarded as a token of appreciation for the exerted efforts invested in facilitating your growth. To foster unwavering commitment and sustained accountability, advance payments for sessions are requisite.


Don't fuss over nothing,
choose your direction today, not tomorrow!

Have you found good enough excuses - WHY should YOU agree with lesser?

Are you continuing to do business as usual, intending to retire in 83 years? Seriously?
Long workdays are enjoyable due to social life and free eco-friendly meals?
People savoring life, playing golf, and traveling do things differently? Can you afford the same?
Is it acceptable if employees or partners take over your business, and what justifies this risk?
Setting a growth goal of 5% annually, and deeming it acceptable, given...
Work overload? Lack of motivation, discipline, or knowledge?

I’ve faced many of these challenges firsthand, repeatedly hitting my head against the proverbial concrete wall.

One day, I deciphered the code. Now, I’m committed to making a difference by guiding you out of mediocrity and uncovering your untapped potential.

It begins with a simple question: Why spend your time grappling with it alone when you can seek guidance?

Discover how I can assist you
harnessing my expertise, experiences, and extensive network.

REACH OUT to me. OR keep on fussing!


As a single founder in many instances—sometimes not by choice but due to a preference for taking orders over responsibility—I had to navigate and figure out the complexities, even when uncertain about the why, what, to whom, when, and how.

One day, I was asked, “How do I know what to do next?” That question struck me profoundly. Discovering your true calling takes time, evolving as we do. We constantly reinvent ourselves and our startup, adjusting value propositions to meet market expectations. These answers often lie within us, waiting to be uncovered with the help of someone pointing out the obvious or asking the questions we avoid.

The more advice I offered, the more I realized how much we didn’t know when starting our businesses, creating unnecessary risks. Reflecting, I wish I had a mentor consistently by my side. In hindsight, having one consistently led to better long-term results.

I reject the “fake it till you make it” approach in business. Instead, understand, make it happen, present with pride and glory. Empty promises have no place. We act, win, present, celebrate, improve, and repeat.


I advocate for problem-solving rather than extracting ideas from thin air. Many successful startups emerge from personal frustration and pain, where the drive to make things better becomes unstoppable.

Alternatively, success can come from identifying a strong demand and fulfilling orders faster and better than competitors. However, attempting to copy a successful business might reveal a missing secret ingredient crucial for success.

I’ve personally witnessed significant growth and high demand for a service that we struggled to monetize. For any business, the central questions should always revolve around where the money is, how much, at what cost, and for how long.

Having fallen out of promising business models myself, lured by the allure of potential greater profits in other activities with higher costs and service requirements, I’ve learned valuable lessons. Overcoming growth limitations, while seemingly obvious in retrospect, often proves challenging in the moment.

Recognizing bad decisions is easier after experiencing their consequences. There are no failures, only valuable lessons that consume your time, finances, and personnel—resources you can ill afford to lose.

What say those who got my help

About Mikk

  • Started 20+ businesses 
  • Done 4 exits (all types)
  • First successful exit in 5 years
  • Ousted from 2 startups
  • In B2B Saas business 1998-2019
  • Made hundreds of millions to my clients over the years
  • Active mentor in accelerators
  • Angel investor
  • Founding partner in VC
  • Supervisory board member
  • Delivered 1000+ projects
  • Digitized 500+ companies
  • Hosted own conferences 9 years
  • On stage since 1990
  • In marketing since 1992
  • In sales since 1994
  • Mentoring since 2008
  • Certified coaching since 2020
  • Business advisor since 2019
  • Since 2023 managing daily 20M International project


I’ve triumphed over a major Swedish bank and faced challenges with deceitful executive judges. My educational journey includes studies in informatics, a BA in business administration, and an MA in marketing.

Passionate about smart systems, psychology, and grand setups, I devote my free time to cars, mountains, snow, and friends. I’m an outspoken and paranoid optimist, pragmatic, with zero tolerance for fakes. My communication style is frank and might seem harsh, but it’s aimed at getting you better in no time.

Taking responsibility for my words, I mix humor with a no-nonsense approach. In 2004, I co-built a CRM system logic that remains unbeaten. Leading a software development company for 20 years, I’ve saved over 5.2 million hours for clients and generated €10 million of EBITDA in a 30-minute workshop.

Mentoring under various Enterprise Estonia projects and coaching startups in ESTBAN programs, my expertise lies in the online realm. While physically residing in Tallinn, Athens, and Helsinki timezones, my impact extends far beyond.

Give yourself a chance, book me, and let’s uncover what we can achieve together. No time for BS! Still skeptical? Check out my LinkedIn connections and the accelerators I collaborate with – maybe that will convince you. 😊

Join me in discovering, improving, and building new concepts—from positionings to strategies. Let's make it happen together.

Explore my service offerings,
and let's discuss the details to find what suits you best.

Investor Pitch Update

ustilize VC and angel investor experience
600€ 2-4 hours
  • Initial evaluation & feedback
  • Defining the pitch goal
  • The closing strategy
  • The best structure
  • The right ask
  • Ideal Investor Profile
  • The best presenting
  • paid in cash &or shares

Business Evaluation

for early founders & entrepreneurs
500€ 0.5-2h meeting
  • Agenda: To define your business challenge
  • Is it a business or hobby
  • Predictable annual revenues
  • ICP, problem and USP
  • What’s your business model
  • What hinders your growth
  • Opportunities missed out
  • Fundraising strategy
  • Clarity & next steps
  • Paid up-front

10M annual revenue action plan

start generating serious money
5000€ 3 months program
  • Digging up the “elefant” and slicing it
  • Clarity – what’s the actual business
  • Aiming – vision, values, goals, culture, strategies
  • Action plan – how to achieve 10M revenue
  • Accountability / Supervisory – enhanced delivery
  • Business discovery – where's problem and money
  • ActionBook - rational reasoning why, whom, what, how, where, business model, challenges, etc crucial questions
  • Financials workthrough
  • Fundraising strategy
  • Detailed next action steps
  • Paid 1x or 3x up-front

Pro-active business advisory

18 months growth program, 1-3 founders
1500€ +% of revenue
18 months program
  • Online bi-weekly meetings
  • 1. fast money,
    2. right money
  • Vision, positioning improving
  • ICP, problem, solution, messaging, USP, growth/exit strategy
  • Business model upgrade, if necessary
  • Easier daily growth strategy advisory
  • Operational daily challenges advisory
  • Mental daily/weekly support
  • Access to my knowledge, experience, suppliers, partners, investors, network
  • Paid monthly up-front

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