My ability is to take your information and add to it something, then reflect it back in a way you didn’t see yourself. That raises your understanding and knowledge level of the context. Then you make a better decision based on that and go execute it yourself, receiving all the glory you deserve. I am not a google. You can google everything you don’t know yourself. I help you to make meaningful conclusions and ask meaningful questions throughout our exchange of ideas and thoughts.

This is what I do mostly. How we do it depends on you. How you see our cooperation works the best for you. I can provide you next formats.

1. Coaching

Behind each successful husband there is a great woman behind him. Behind successful businessman or entrepreneur there is a coach behind him/her. In this I believe. I’ve been helped by few coaches and mentors during my lifetime, as a boy, young man, entrepreneur. It’s not easy to find someone you can trust and open up to, sharing delicate details of yourself or your business. 
I’ve used other learning methods – sharing fragments of data to someone and collecting their thoughts about the possible ways to solve that questions. Yet, it’s not the same as dedicated person working with me as a mentor, coach, advisor or consultant. 

I got my coaching certificate no.3611 from EBS Executive Education Ltd in 2020. Life coaching is not my calling. I am rather fighter and achiever type and my coaching style is been described as “Challenging” not “Supportive”. I don’t support being weak or victim’s mentality. I’ve seen capable leaders and ordinary people not reaching out to their true potential. Sad waste of resources. How do I know? As I’ve been in the very same position. Not knowing, not willing, belittling myself. Luckily I took the chance when a coach reached out to me. Suggest you do the same – I am reaching out to you! Seriously.
Yes, sorry, it’s not for sissies and I will definitely kill your comfort zone if you’ve been sitting there for too long. But I am to liberate you as well. And as they say – lesser the Coach knows about specific business, better it is for Couchee. Not to mention that all that remains between Coach and Coachee and is part of coaching ethics code, kind of like a NDA.

2. Mentoring

Working together with Enterprise Estonia as a mentor over 10 years, later on for Tallinn University Starter program and Ajujaht program, I started to enjoy the process of giving back. All I did was listen and reflect, in some cases sharing my network and ideas to challenge mentees.
The reason I enjoy so much mentoring is perhaps that during the process I can learn so much myself. It also generates lots of ideas how to make things better – and as you already know this is my true calling. 
Mentor is usually older than mentee, yet in current World it’s not necessary as we have 3-4 careers during our lifetime and new jobs might challenge us with something we don’t know yet. Having more experienced person as a support speeds up the process and explains potholes on the road.

Looking back in time – I was more successful at times when I had regular sessions with my coaches and mentors. Decisions I still myself as sometimes we had disagreements.

3. Consulting

Consultative sales is something they teach you when you switch from stupid pitches to selling value. To sell value you gotta understand client’s business and its challenges first. Back then it was my job,  and whenever I saw our solution could provide value I sold our solutions narrowing down the value I was providing. That is actually one main reasons I did re-invent myself – to provide more value whenever I see it. During these ~500 businesses that I helped to digitize their businesses I learned a lot about challenges businesses and entrepreneurs face. My bachelor’s thesis was about how to implement a CRM in SMEs. Instead of processes it was all about consulting and change management. (very smart and easy theory by the way)
In lots of cases the challenges companies face are similar, just the technical requirements or solutions differ with their details. Main questions tend to remain the same – how to differ what’s strategic and what’s not; what is the priority order of actions. But devil always lies in details!

4. Advisory

My expertise is based on my personal experiences in software development for 20+ years. My companies’ main focus was marketing tools development, but not only. We solved various questions and developed even complicated solutions sane people would not even consider. We had mainly successes and few failures. Failures thought us the most as we wanted to avoid these to happen again at almost any cost.
Due to my experiences I’ve been asked to evaluate startups and their technical solutions. I am not developer myself and have no intentions to become one. My expertise is running a software development company dfor 20 years not writing s line of code and purely relying on communication with developers, CTOs and reading problems these startups face.
To be a great leader you don’t need to know every detail but you need to understand its significance to your achievements. What is not your personal expertise – outsource from partners.
I’ve built around 20 companies and can tell you what issues you might face and recommend help from trusted professionals. Youth and stupidity have their beauty, just not always.
I could give you colorful examples about any topic related to building a business if the question is presented, as most likely I have experienced that situation. So feel free and ask away and avoid the cost I most likely paid already!.
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