Tired of doing it all by yourself…

I will always remember these long nights in my empty office – everyone had left home hours ago and I was sitting there, going through numbers and plans, trying to come up with a strategy that could prevent troubles and help me to survive til next salary payout day. Oh, and then there are taxes to pay. But I wasn’t completely on my own. There was the competition – the other end of the internet. So I actually didn’t have any time left. 

The question remains – how creative are people when they are under heavy stress or are working long hours for long time periods? Yeah, you think I didn’t knew that? But did I have any alternatives? Sure – my mentor was “there” (at his home or busy with his challenges) all the time. He could not provide me any time nor willingness to jump into all my details and solve my problems and deal with my challenges and opportunities together with me. Why – he was volunteering to help me and because he had only limited amount of time for me. 
That all made me think – what if I had a coach, adviser or mentor at all the times I needed him? What if this more experienced person would have his own skin in my play – so he could not cheat on me and would look after now “our” mutual interests? Don’t get me wrong, I am extremely thankful to my mentor for received advice and decisions he helped me to come-up with. The only think I am regretting is that I used his help so little when I should have used much more. another issue is that I should have hired him for money, for regular meetings. Not randomly as I did. Third thing that I regret is I should have had more than 1 mentor or coach. I should have had coach per business direction. But, I was revolutionizing, so now coaches could help me at the time. At least so I thought. Now, I have realized – mentoring and coaching is not about providing answers to mentee’s questions. It’s about interactions, mind-tripping, fantasizing, opposing, intriguing, sharing and exchanging experiences & ideas, using network to do the matchmaking to fasten up what would take longer to push it just by yourself. 
Sometimes are 2 heads more than 2 heads. And all you might need at the time is just a little nudge that pushes you to do the impossible – starting something huge and new, again. 
The question is not if you are the best or mediocre problem solver. The question is how fast can you come up with new disrupting ideas and how fast you can implement these! if it takes more than 24h, you might be out of your game. Again step behind of your competition. How many steps can you tolerate?

Don’t get me wrong, I’ll gonna be there for you. But all the genius thinking will be done by you. And this is something you can do without me, …well, not all of it, obviously. Most likely I’ve got somethiing you don’t yet. 
Why I am offering my help now to new entrepreneurs and startups is because I’ve been in this crap myself. I know the pain. My mentor had no time for me when i needed him the most. To establish a good relationship with someone and to feed him all the knowledge and details – it takes time. Asking any other mentor would have no relevance to me. Their answers wold have been too superficial and give me no value. I needed someone who knows me in-and-out. And no BSing me with fancy words and theories.
This is why I am reaching out for you now. 
  • Paid relationship makes coach to take eager to pick the phone when client gives him a call. Having coach’s skin in client’s play keeps coach motivated to follow up how client is doing.
  • Make sure to pick right intensity to have sessions with coach – too frequent might wear both parties out and leaves not enough time to act and achieve.
  • Make sure the coach personality fits to yours, you want to be trust him and be open to get maximum out of this new extra paid relationship.

How I work with clients

  • My program has monthly subscription, with meetings either via video link or physically. 
  • I charge money but also equity 1/3 to 1/2 of the amount payable if your startup is not able to afford my help. That puts my skin into your play. 
  • Don’t forget my 100% money back quarantee. As I might mistake taking you as a client believing I can help you, but actually I cannot.
My time is counted and so is yours. It is not OK to think back and see how many opportunities did pass and you did meanwhile …what?

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