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I recently started to help them conquer Estonian market and then COVID19 hit bigtime.

Last days have been interesting, yes days. You gotta take days, each one by one. Things change too fast. But luckily in Nordics it’s a change for better now. Frozen mental states are melting slowly. People are adjusting to new terms. For some it means – no job left. For some – no half of clients left. So we gotta become better fast to regain incomes we were used to.

And then there is this kind of familiar solution to problems we’ve been having for decades. React and Share does magic for communication people in a very simplified way. And it works, despite all this madness that is going on. Even more – it saves tremendous amount of time for people on front-line serving the hunger for knowledge. The same knowledge that has been answered maybe thousands of times. How? Let me go deeper in it for you.

Ask - and they'll tell you

Do not ASS-U-ME! ASK!

That is as simple as I can put it for you. I’ve been told recently that one very famous company has worked nearly a year developing their new websites, they have special UX team hired of 5+ people. They work hard every day to grant that end-users will receive the best possible experience reading their website and maintaning their services. 

Instead they could have asked and got tons of replies telling them what is wrong with the website content and what it was missing from making readers happy. 

So in a short way I claim, React & Share does not tell whether the design or outlooks are the best or better. It simply answers questions what you ask, more commonly it’s whether readers understood the content or found what they came looking for. Therefore I am not saying that all the tremendous work what was spent on qualitative research & investigation was wasted time/money. No. But after that huge work, it might not be necessary to carry on spending money on figuring out, what reades might expect today. maybe now it is time to ask them instead…

Guessing over knowing

Google has built lots of great tools. But lets go a bit further here. What if you could know, not guess what all these graphs and numbers mean, which all have tendency to change over time? 

Do readers spending lots of time on your website are actually there because they could not find what they were looking for or they were reading your article again and again and again for some other reason? Lots of traffic and big reading time is now bad? What???

Lets wonder if readers could get an option to write down what they miss on the website and what makes them angry or dissatisfied. They also might say – great, I found it, well written article by the click of a button. Would you like to know it and not guess? Hell, yeah!

React & Share provides content developers and editors KPI-s telling how did readers react to articles, simple buttons validating statuses editors can set, also longer comments on content specifics. Combining all this – views, button clicks, sharings, feedbacks, time spent on article, engagement metrics – this is the way how editors can prioritize with which articles they need to work by describing better topics readers appointed to.

Or would you guess that whole old website of yours, filled with tons of good content written in last decade is totally bad one day because you’ve been told to renew/update your website according to new design standards? Ofcourse not. Do you know which articles you have to renew or rewrite to meet new expectations? Perhaps it is the best time to learn?

So would you guess or ass-u-me what you need to do to please your readers or superiors?

Ask me

React & Share is not a classic sales tool. It does not help you to get more leads. There are other services and tools for that. You can ask me later. 

But if you’d like to know how we can:

  • save your front-line people’s time during COVID19 and after;
  • make your readers happy instead of angry after reading your articles;
  • give you priority list of which articles to update and about which topic;
  • don’t let you forget as we send you weekly reminder-reports;
  • take away pain telling to your employees or experts they should explain better;
  • avoid guessing and give you knowing
  • then give me a call or send me an email. I’ll help you out.

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