Management quality evolves in time of crisis

Make decisions or someone will for you

Usually crisis differs leaders from followers. This is the perfect occasion when people with higher ambition can step up and take a lead. It also shows whether current leareds are up the situation.

Making decisions is the only thing that differs managers from obeying employees. I’m not telling that it is an easy job, that no mistakes will be made, nope. Most likely decisions turn out to be wrong as information or access to it is limited and information changes in time. Therefore all decisions are to be reconsidered time after time. 

Not making a decisions and letting others to solve problems for you – this happens sometimes and this might bring up next layer of good leaders in companies. 

Yet, if the company is rather small and CEO makes no decisions then the results might be:
– employees might have the lack of motivation and might want to leave you, as noone is telling them what to do;
– investors might want to cancel funding, as ship is without a captain – who’s gonna bring back their money and interests then;
– clients certainly don’t dare to buy services and products from any company which might end up lacking of any support in close future.

Not making decisions is defined for others that management of the company does not care or does not know. In any case it seems incompetent and careless towards people they are responsible to.

New horses

Accept the fact that you will probably lose some good employees. It is common knowledge that you have to change horses during crisis. In short you probably have to let go of some people in the depth of crisis or even before. And to re-hire employees once crisis is over. And most likely you are picking already employees who have done this mental change in their heads, who have adjusted to new situation and money valuation.

People tend to create themselves comfort zones in whatever situations they are. If an employee has no touchpoints with real-life and how clients are willing to pay for services and products then it might be hard for them to get the idea why should they give up on their hopes for higher salaries.


New management quality

As my good friend decades ago once said – humans tend to come up with ingenious ideas once they have their back forced to the wall. And the history has shown – great leaders are born in times of crisis. Why?

Once you have the situation very clear that it is bad, very bad. So only thing you can do is to try to avoid making it worse faster that it happens due to crisis itself. This also liberates managers from the fear of making wrong decisions. And also therefore kind of from the responsibility as it is bad enough and not many people notice the effect of bad decision. Rather they notice if no decisions are made.

The liberty and boldness of making decisions teaches managers to take more risks, to rely on their own guts, how to seek for assurance when there is enough information to make a decision.


Patience and consistance

No man is an island. Nor trusts you any employee, investor or client without seeing you being patient and consistant in whatever you do. In a way it is considered as due diligence of yours – whether you take responsibilty for you decisons, sayings, actions or is it your company that takes. Letting thinghs go on their own way shows just poor management.

Success and other great things happen usually suddenly. Only people really close have seen all failures and try-outs that happened before it took off. But sure they all have witnessed how some managers took off by taking the lead and starting guiding things according to their own vision. Having patience whenever things don’t work out not to get too frustrated. Consistantly gowing towards the higher goal of their vision.



Don’t let go of any good crisis to try out something you didn’t dare to before. It’s a perfect time to learn and to try fast.

Take the control before it’s been taking from you. Create, finteune, update the vision and have the patience going towards it consistantly.

Communicate your ideas, failures, wins, ideas, visions. Get feedback, share your knowledge, become a role model. 

Use the time of uncertainty to create certainty by being there as their leader. And people will follow you and unfollow bad leaders. Crisis is the best time to hire good talent!

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