Action based planning or Planned actions

What is it then one might ask: Action based planning <OR> Planned actions?

As an experienced SME, practitioner, like I used to be, one knows that there are certain limits of resources and options out there, and whatever you do, you can’t overcome these – so your sales and growth numbers are set. Right? In short, lesser talk and longer steps, digging the tunnel and looking for the light in the end, I guess…

Well, I’ve been there myself. I used to think I had to dig faster ja deeper to get closer to the wobbling candle in the end of the tunnel. Well, the rat-wheel nevers stops and the tunnel just gets longer and deeper, the candle keeps on wobbling and hits limited lights back on us. Is that the right way to do it, one might ask?

Once upon a time I had a boss, yes, I had. He frustrated me with dumb questions like how much was I going to sell in upcoming months. Yeah, I am the fortuneteller, right? What did he mean by that, is he out of his mind? How could I sell more than the market was able to purchase? Right?

Nope. I was wrong, very wrong.

The reason I am sharing my thoughts is that I’ve crossed same limited thinkings too many times. Not that these entrepreneurs are not smart, oh no. They are very clever and ambitious hard working people having decent turnovers and growing businesses.

What I see – they could do much better, easier, faster.


The worst and the best description I ever got from HR agency was – I was too ambitious and too stupid to get hired at the time. I was willing to work hard to get what I was after. And don’t get me wrong here – I am not anymore. Back then I was furious because I was denied to get the job I was after. So I created a job for myself instead. Looking at this context today – I’d hire dosen of these people to work with me. I’d help them to achieve their goals along with mine.

The real problem then and today is too small ambition among CEO’s and other C level executives. They’ve learned the market and consider knowing it, they accommodate with market restrictions and adjust themselves into it, doing just as much market is willing to pay them. And everyone loses…

I propose there’s an alternative to that!

The problem

It’s not big enough ambitions. Not for companies, not for startups, not for employees, not for anyone. What is the right isez of ambition then, one might ask? I happen to be a person who finds it hard to dream. Whenever I picture something I start acting towards it. How to get your company somewhere higher further, starts with defining the ambition. So it’s not an abstract dream about results without specific touchpoints, but a detailed and reasoned concept – what is possible to achieve within limits we choose to set ourselves.

You have probably heard terms like “low hanging fruits” – it’s a strategy to grab clients with lowes possible acquisition cost, sort of like easy money you should not avoid taking. But behind that strategy is list of reasons and specific criteria – why.

So my role has changed as an advisor and mentor/coach to help business owners crave for more. Thinking out of the box is sort of clishee already and – it works! Works for a reason.

As a business owner it’s your responsibility to yourself, to your investors and employees to seek for rapid growth. Knowing the game at different phases and sectors – it’s your responsibility. Not everything has linear growth curve, there are risks to know and maintain or mitigate. There are tons of people with more experience and knowledge than you who would be willing to help you avoiding mistakes and showing the way. Your responsibility is to grab these chances and educate yourself – bring the rapid growth to your company!

Without huge ambitions – why would anyone want to work with you, or invest in you? Nope. You have to think big and bold! You always get lesser, so you at least get a lot.

What’s the process

  • Imagine, there’s no restrictions, you could sell an infinite number of products or services – how much would you sell?
  • If you know that each marketing € brings back at least 5€ – how big is your marketing budget? What would be your sales revenue then? Where is your bottleneck then?
  • What if instead of accommodating to market restrictions you redefine the market? What if you strip your clients and create more precise ICP/Persona and fulfill their desires and needs better? What if there’s no geographical or legal boundaries, no country-wise sanctions, delivery costs/restrictions? What if you find the perfect client profile to satisfy?
  • How would you design the perfect process for your business now? How would you design the ambition and predict expected sales figures?

What’s the plan

Don’t assume. Analyze, design processes, verify, optimize, execute!

Start from the client, understand their real problem, solve it, and do it more cost efficient and provide more value than competition.

Yes, sure, it is a challenging task, looking for results, money, time, resources. But once your calculations prove you’re onto something awesome, then you execute. Not that you keep on digging tunnels, not knowing exactly why and for whom for what cost.

And feel free to disagree with me providing exact details and examples. I’d love to discuss that matter further.

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