Monthly subscription for 1000€ cash

Startup coach Mikk Orglaan


  • If and how I can help you
  • Bringing clarity, why, what, whom, how
  • Revising actionplan
  • Discussion about execution, improvements
  • Supervising and better decisions
  • Building something bigger than us

VALUE of the coaching = feedback + having a better plan

Monthly subscription COST – 1000€
Equity worth 500€ per month


I am after your success here. Yet it all starts from a good match between us. During this limited time we cannot waste mine or your time.  I’m gonna be frank, no BS. Before we start implementing anything I need to understand you, your team’s relations and business. Our first meetings would focus on learning why there’s a business such as yours, what you do, with whom, how. Then we go to goals and restrictions and try to figure out optimized ways to improve or re-design concepts and optimize processes. My strengths are related to understanding how companies work as I’ve developed software solutions to improve efficiency over 20 years. Before jumping any technical implementations we need to agree on lots of questions. After knowing stake-holders’ criterias we are able to come up with strategies and tactics to improve and speed up your business. My agenda would be giving you practical advice that brings value in long term, sharing my network to grow your business and overcome questions we lack resources for.

My experience as an entrepreneur and marketing/sales tools developer for over 20 years gives me insights that may complement yours. Something very obvious for outsider could be well hidden for insiders.

This offer contains intense time usage not only during meetings, but also time on my own preparing for meetings and doing research and having meetings with third parties for you. The intensity is limited with time I spend on you. I prefer physical meetings if possible, but online is almost as good plus saves travel costs. We use Zoom, Meet, Whereby or Skype. And if you say I was no use for you, then there is 100% money back guarantee. 

To verify if this works for you I suggest we have a 15min free video-call first or at least 2h paid consultancy. Then we can decide whether to prolong our cooperation and in what format.

So what’s there to lose for you, besides your business and life-savings?


  •  Up to 2-4 online-meetings per month
  •  Up to 2h per online-meeting
  •  Up to 16h per monthly
  •  Strategic actions with clear mind
  •  100% money back quarantee
Are you willing to wait any longer?
How much money would you lose while making a decision?
OK then, pay now and scedule a meeting with me.

Monthly subscription COST – 1000€
Equity worth 500€ per month


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