Customer Journey training

Pre-made training course for your business, COVID-19 update

Lecturer Mikk Orglaan


  • How has COVID-19 changed your customer journeys?
  • How to design new touchponts with your clients?
  • How to be hell-effective using touchpoints you’ve been left with today and after crisis?
VALUE of the training = value of KNOWING
How much money would you expetct to make right now?
And after going throuh this detailed 1h long course?

Online-training COST – 69€

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You are getting less clients day by day or even by hour.
Soon you don’t have have time nor any money left to pay to your employees. Your business has changed due to COVID-19 overnight.
Competition grows daily as everyone is now online and they are fighting for life. Your customer jouney touchpoints have changed or completely disappeared. Everything counts & everyone is counting. Mapping out the whole business is way easier today, as not much of it is left.

You have decided you want to make a change.


  • What is customer journey
  • Why you have to know how it is happening 
  • How to map customer journey touchpoints
  • How to become hell-effective customer journey designer


  • To analyze customer journey
  • To re-design customer journey
  • To save your business
Are you willing to wait any longer?
How much money would you lose while making a decision?

Online-training COST – 69€

[simpay id=”5204″]


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