Business (plan) assessment for 150€

Crisis coach Mikk Orglaan


  • Why it was possible to run your business
  • What prevents you to run your business today
  • How to identify and naturalize these reasons
  • Who is willing to buy what why for how much
  • What is your new strategy
  • How you need to change what to reach your buyers
  • What resources you have, what is your action-plan

VALUE of the coaching = feedback + having a new plan

Original cost 450€
COVID-19 extra COST – 150€

LIMITED TIME OFFER till the crisis lasts

This offer is designed for businesses in rough, in declining markets or even in fatal situations – let’s develop your survival strategies. 

To make a change you need to understand. 

Therefore I created this flash-hand-holding-course and we’ll fly through your business very fast and try to figure out if there is something we could change immediately. How to get you off ground to fly in a different sky or prepare to die or exit, and perhaps there is a way to raise for money and pivot into new market, business model, pricing model or etc.

This offer contains 1 online-meeting for up to 3 people. We do it online using Zoom, Meet, Whereby or Skype. We’ll spend up to 2h doing investigations and brainstorm together. And if you say I was no use for you, then there is 100% money back guarantee. If this works out, we can decide to prolong this cooperation.

So what’s there to lose for you, besides your business and life-savings?


  •  We have 1x online-meeting
  •  We investigate and seek for solutions
  •  We re-develop your COVID-19 strategies
  •  100% money back guarantee, if this does not work out
Are you willing to wait any longer?
How much money would you lose while making a decision?

Original cost 450€
COVID-19 extra COST – 150€


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