What if someone holds you accountable

...and keeps you consistent and persistent at what you have taken yourself as a business challenge
Expected Results are:
* You get right stuff done at right time
* You don't fall off your set focus and trail
* You report your success and failures
* You get proactive support and advisory
You're expert or becoming expert of your niche.
You know everything yourself, just it hasn't led you to success yet and it's been a while already.
You just need a nudge or someone to support your growth or maybe some secret sauce (info).
You lack of that secret person by your side who understands you and your business challenges.
You'd like to discuss matters and get feedback to your questions.
YEAH, let's do it / NOPE, next idea please.

Weekly mentoring, coaching or workshops to discuss big picture, dig into details and solve daily problems

1:1 Reporting

Reporting, next week activities


Discuss daily challenges

New income

New income sources


Goal design and planning


Significant growth 10-100x

I can’t have anyone as my client

Are you prepared to make a change and you realise this is not a free service?

I only help entrepreneurs to to define and follow their chosen paths. I put in my brain, knowledge, experience, contacts as a paid job and your results are as good as much you follow my advice. To get best possible outcomes we gotta be brutally honest from day one. Unless it’s gonna be a waste of my and your time. You have to take action!

DO NOT READ MORE if you’re not ready to contribute!

It AIN'T training or lecture!
It IS a contribution and dedication for years!

There are millions of trainings in the internet. Take your time, google it and watch in youtube.

Unless you need me to hold your hands and help you to go through.

If you’re looking for someone who is proactive and thinks for you with you in your context trying to figure out best possible strategies for you. Then this is for you.

Holding accountable

  1. Weekly 2h meetings online or IRL (in real life).
  2. 1 business owner..
  3. 900€+VAT monthly dependent on chosen frequency.
  4. Risk free – If I am unable to help, I cancel the deal and take no charge.
  5. Results are clarity and knowledge, exactly what are your next steps.

    If still in doubt, then book a free meeting instead.

What have I done you wonder

All our conversations with my clients are and remain confidential.
As I am not sharing your details, am I not sharing any details of my other clients.

But, I could share you some success stories.
Or look at who has trusted me within last 30 years.

Why you need to take action today

  1. Because my future will not become better itself for sure.
  2. Because I am responsible for my family, relatives and employees.
  3. Because, actually it’s awesome to do big things.
  4. Because I can do a lot good with my earned money.
  5. Because I’ve postponed the change for too long and realise I gotta do it anyway some day.

  6. Because enlonging the agony would improve nothing.

  7. Because, actually, I crave for a change.

What's the worst that could happen

  1. I clearly understand my today’s choices and I might get out of overwhelming distress.
  2. I know these questions I need to investigate deeper in order to make better choices.
  3. I discover my uncomfort zones and I evolve faster therefore.
  4. Someone will show me something I haven’t been ready for or haven’t been able/capable to see myself.
  5. I discover my current business doesn’t allow me to use my fullest potential and I can start planning my career sooner.


How does Mikk know

Rapid growth

Mikk has experienced rapid growth and rapid decline, both survived few times. Decline was lame, very lame. Growth hid other threats in it. When we grow by MRR, all the banks wanted to give loans blindly, yet I had no cash to pay taxes on-time as everything was used to grow and to purchase new machinery which ROI was 3 months. Would I make better decisions today? Absolutely.

Rapid decline

In 2009 we had a period when each next month income declined by 30% for 6 months in a row. We had to make hard calls, fast, what to cut off, what to pause, where to keep on investing, to stay alive, to pay salaries, taxes, debts, to fulfill obligations we had taken in front of clients, not to fall back in competition in speed, to discover and win new niches faster, more cost efficiently.


I tend to see stuff pragmatically without blinding love filter towards my product/ service/ business. I see business, opportunities, obligations around the product/service. Entrepreneurial experience makes me expert as venture designer, builder, executer and strategist. For 20+ years I learnt to look further, deeper and see wider as business analyst, product owner and infosystem designer for clients as well as for ourselves building IT products.


I had my last bigger exit in 2019 right before COVID hit the World. Since the as a mentor, advisor and coach for startups, entrepreneurs, businesses in different accelerators and programs I have learnt the most from my own bad choices back then. To teach you gotta be hell of the good learner yourself at first. Am still learning 

What, Why vs How

Experts of specific fields tend to help peaople telling them "how". For me that question comes after we have found harsh truth about "what" and "why". For me these questions lead to bigger impact much faster. Let's change the course of a fish rather to train its wings work harder longer.

Program & results

Fake it till you make it - IS NOT my vocabulary. I have a program and I adjust it according to specific client needs. 90% of cases have got significant jump in their growth. Sometimes fast, sometimes huge.

Now. What are you waiting for?

If you will not initiate the change in your life and would not take the first step, then who?

Book your first free 30min online meeting to see whether we are fit to work together AND LET’S BUILD YOUR FUTURE TOGETHER.

30+ years

of business strategy development

5 - 500x

growth by designing better value propositions


digitised companies in 22 years
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