Founder's 5 WHYs

The 10-hour program is designed for both novice and seasoned entrepreneurs, offering a comprehensive journey to attain clarity and confidence before embarking on a new venture.
Expected Results: - Gain clarity on the viability of your idea
- Understand the necessary steps to take
- Determine if this venture aligns with your goals and suitability
The program is designed for: * Transforming services into products for early-stage companies * Idea exploration and refinement before executio
* Limited to 1-3 members per company A 5-week duration, featuring online workshops held 5 times, totaling 10 hours together.
We prioritize caution before making substantial investments to mitigate the risk of wasted time, emotional strain, strained family relations, and the depletion of investors' funds. Our approach involves optimistic yet pragmatic analysis, identifying and addressing blind spots to ensure a resilient foundation for the path you've chosen.
The program yields: 1) Clarity and Focus: Defining the purpose and objectives of your endeavor. 2) Effort and Reward Evaluation: Assessing whether the effort aligns with your desired outcomes. 3) Informed Decision-Making: Choosing between full-throttle pursuit or stepping back for further preparation.
In preparation for each meeting, you'll receive assigned homework.
* During our sessions, we collaboratively analyze and brainstorm, working together to address any shortcomings and transform them into advantages.
* The objective is to craft a realistically achievable vision and corresponding plan for your venture.
The program offers a decisive verdict:
YEAH, it has the potential to soar high, or NOPE, it's not worth investing time in—let's explore the next idea.

5 workshops to fix business or idea weaknesses

Why at all

Why at all - possible exit


Why to address this problem


Why to address this ICP/Persona


Why with those people


Why such funding model

NB! I’m selective with clients.

If you’re ready for change and acknowledge this isn’t a free service, I offer my brain, knowledge, experience, and contacts as a paid service. My results depend on the commitment of my clients. To achieve optimal outcomes, honesty is crucial from day one. If you’re not ready to contribute, kindly refrain from reading further.

It's not training;
it's a refined 5-week workshop series

Countless trainings are available online—take your time to explore and watch on platforms like YouTube. If you seek a proactive partner who thinks alongside you in your unique context, working together to devise the best strategies tailored for you, then this is the service for you. No hand-holding required.

Founder's 5 WHYs workshop

  1. 5x 2h meetings online or IRL (in real life).
  2. Participants 1-3 persons per team.
  3. It’ll cost you 1500€+VAT.
  4. Risk free – If I am unable to help, no charge.
  5. Results are clarity and knowledge, exactly what are your next steps.

    If still in doubt, then book a free meeting instead.

I leave you pondering: What have I accomplished?

All our interactions maintain the utmost confidentiality. I uphold strict discretion, safeguarding your details and those of my other clients.

Yet, I’m delighted to share select success stories who has trusted me within last 30 years.

Unveiling the Urgency: Why Action Today Matters

  1. The imperative lies in recognizing that my future won’t enhance itself spontaneously.

  2. I bear the responsibility for my family, relatives, and employees.

  3. Engaging in significant endeavors is inherently fulfilling.

  4. The capacity to effect positive change with earned resources motivates me.

  5. Procrastination has lingered too long, and acknowledging the inevitability of change prompts decisive action.

  6. Continuing the present state only perpetuates stagnation.

  7. Moreover, a genuine desire for transformation propels me forward.

Embracing Adversity: Opportunities in the Worst-Case

  1. I possess a clear understanding of my present choices, providing a potential exit from overwhelming distress.

  2. Recognizing the questions that demand deeper investigation positions me to make more informed decisions.

  3. The exploration of discomfort zones becomes a catalyst for accelerated personal evolution.

  4. The prospect of discovering insights beyond my current perception is anticipated.

  5. Moreover, the realization that my current business limits the utilization of my full potential sparks contemplation of an earlier career planning.

How does Mikk know

Rapid growth

Mikk's journey includes thriving through rapid growth and surviving steep declines. The decline, albeit challenging, was particularly insightful. Amid MRR-fueled expansion, banks eagerly offered loans, yet cash scarcity hindered timely tax payments. Resources were allocated to growth and machinery purchases with a quick ROI. Reflecting on this journey, Mikk acknowledges the evolution of decision-making, affirming a wiser approach today.

Rapid decline

In 2009, we navigated a challenging period with a consecutive 30% monthly income decline for six months. Faced with adversity, swift and tough decisions were imperative—determining where to cut, what to pause, strategic areas for continued investment to ensure survival, salary payments, tax settlements, and honoring client commitments. The focus was on maintaining competitive speed, uncovering and conquering new niches with efficiency.


I adopt a pragmatic viewpoint, devoid of a blinding love filter towards my product, service, or business. My perspective extends beyond the product, discerning business opportunities and obligations. With over 20 years of entrepreneurial experience, I have honed my skills as a venture designer, builder, executor, and strategist. My background includes serving as a business analyst, product owner, and information system designer, offering a seasoned and expansive outlook in crafting IT products for clients and ourselves.


Securing my last significant exit in 2019, I've since become a business advisor, mentor and coach for startups and entrepreneurs. Learning from my own past mistakes, I believe effective teaching stems from being a continuous learner myself.

What, Why vs How

Experts often focus on 'how,' but for me, the crucial questions are 'what' and 'why.' Addressing these foundational aspects leads to a more impactful and expedited change. Rather than training the wings to work harder and longer, let's change "the course of the fish".

Program & results

"Faking it till you make it" is not in my vocabulary. I tailor programs to suit specific client needs, resulting in a substantial growth jump in 90% of cases—sometimes fast, sometimes monumental.

Now. What are you waiting for?

If you don’t take the initiative for change in your life, who will?
Book your first free 30-minute online meeting to explore if we’re a good fit to work together


30+ years

of business strategy development

5 - 500x

growth by designing better value propositions


digitised companies in 22 years
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