Founder's 5 WHYs 10h program for fresh and/or experienced entrepreneurs, to gain clarity and confidence before starting up with a new venture.
Expected Results are:
* Clarity, whether your idea flies high
* What you have to do in order to...
* Is this right and fit for you
The program is initiated for:
* Creating products out of services for early stage companies and to play with ideas before executing.
* 1-3 members per company.
* 5 weeks program, online workshops 5 times 2h = 10h together.or
We'll play safe prior making any significant investments - to prevent loss of time, nerves, broken family relations, burnt investors' cash.
We analyse everything optimistically yet pragmatically to filter out blind-spots to be fixed for the future you'v3 chosen for yourself.
The results are:
1) Clarity and Focus - why would you want to achieve what;
2) What's the effort and reward, is it really what you want;
3) A decision to proceed full-throttle or step back to prepare for more.
* Before each meeting you'll have a homework.
* We analyse and brainstorm together.
* We try to overcome your shortages to benefits.
* We'll create a realistically achievable vision...plan.
Program gives you assurance:
YEAH, it flies high / NOPE, no point to waste time, next idea please.

5 workshops to fix business or idea weaknesses

NB! I can’t have anyone as my client

Are you prepared to make a change and you realise this is not a free service?

I help startuppers and entrepreneurs putting in my brain, knowledge, experience, contacts as a paid job and my results are as good as my clients let me to. To get best possible outcomes we gotta be brutally honest from day one. Unless it’s gonna be a waste of my and your time. 

DO NOT READ MORE if you’re not ready to contribute!

It AIN'T training!
It IS a workshop series for 5 weeks!

There are millions of trainings in the internet. Take your time, google it and watch in youtube.
You don’t need me to hold your hands.

Unless you’re looking for someone who is proactive and thinks for you with you in your context trying to figure out best possible strategies for you. Then this is for you.

Founder's 5 WHYs workshop

  1. 5x 2h meetings online or IRL (in real life).
  2. Participants 1-3 persons per team.
  3. It’ll cost you 1500€+VAT.
  4. Risk free – If I am unable to help, no charge.
  5. Results are clarity and knowledge, exactly what are your next steps.

    If still in doubt, then book a free meeting instead.

What have I done you wonder

All our conversations with my clients are and remain confidential.
As I am not sharing your details, am I not sharing any details of my other clients.

But, I could share you some success stories.
Or look at who has trusted me within last 30 years.

Why you need to take action today

  1. Because my future will not become better itself for sure.
  2. Because I am responsible for my family, relatives and employees.
  3. Because, actually it’s awesome to do big things.
  4. Because I can do a lot good with my earned money.
  5. Because I’ve postponed the change for too long and realise I gotta do it anyway some day.

  6. Because enlonging the agony would improve nothing.

  7. Because, actually, I crave for a change.

What's the worst that could happen

  1. I clearly understand my today’s choices and I might get out of overwhelming distress.
  2. I know these questions I need to investigate deeper in order to make better choices.
  3. I discover my uncomfort zones and I evolve faster therefore.
  4. Someone will show me something I haven’t been ready for or haven’t been able/capable to see myself.
  5. I discover my current business doesn’t allow me to use my fullest potential and I can start planning my career sooner.


How does Mikk know

Now. What are you waiting for?

If you will not initiate the change in your life and would not take the first step, then who?

Book your first free 30min online meeting to see whether we are fit to work together AND LET’S BUILD YOUR FUTURE TOGETHER.

30+ years

of business strategy development

5 - 500x

growth by designing better value propositions


digitised companies in 22 years
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